GEA is in the forefront of new and emerging technologies for water reclamation and energy efficient desalination using Membrane separation and Reverse Osmosis. GEA has designed systems to effectively treat and purify brackish, seawater and contaminated water, making it fit for human consumption and industrial process use. The key to the application of new technology will be the cost-effective pretreatment of marginal water and wastewaters in order to make them amenable and suitable for membrane processing without the deleterious effect of membrane fouling. For Desalination, energy recovery and lower operating pressures along with improved corrosion protection are keys to economical treatment. By conducting pilot testing, analysis and evaluations using computerized water treatment software models, GEA is able to assess treatment needs and provide high performance treatment system designs.

UNIQUE SOLUTIONS – GEA has designed & built zero liquid discharge (ZLD) treatment systems for reuse of industrial wastewaters in India, utilizing RO and GEA’s advanced ZLD process.