GEA provides engineering and building design services for Transportation Facilities, Bus Operations and Maintenance Facilities, Service Stations, Fleet Fueling and Vehicle Maintenance Facilities, commercial and industrial sites, environmental facilities, institutional complexes and maintenance centers.

Services: Transportation facility, Bus Operations, Service Station and Vehicle Maintenance Facility design services are provided in the following project areas:

  • Facilities Planning and Evaluation
  • Site Plan Development
  • Geotechnical Soils Investigations
  • Architectural Planning and Building Design
  • Foundation and Structural Design
  • Terminal, Garage and Station Layout; Siting Analysis
  • Canopies and Convenience Marts
  • Fuel and Lube System Dispensing
  • Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks and Piping
  • Lighting/Electrical Engineering/Tank Monitoring
  • Drainage Design, Stormwater Management and Landscaping
  • Sewer System and Wastewater Handling
  • Planning Board and Zoning Board Applications
  • Environmental Analysis, Traffic Studies and Permitting
  • Agency Coordination, Approvals
  • Construction Management
  • Inspection Services and Project Monitoring