GEA provides Petroleum Engineering Design and comprehensive environmental services to a variety of clients. This group specializes in design services for UST and AST storage tanks, Fueling, Fluids dispensing, vehicular exhaust systems, SCADA management, design and construction management. GEA also conducts investigations of contamination involving hydrogeologic and geologic site assessment and monitoring, design and implementation of soil and groundwater remediation systems, preparation of SPCC and DPCC Plans and compliance with permitting and reporting requirements.

Specific capabilities include site assessment procedures involving geophysical and geotechnical investigations, installation of soil borings and monitoring wells, aquifer characterization, and computer modeling of hydraulic and contaminant properties. Comprehensive services are available for storage tank system evaluation, design development, preparation of plans and specifications, and construction management. In addition, GEA provides permitting preparation and review services including DGW, temporary dewatering, groundwater diversion, NJPDES, NPDES, and other NYSDEC and NJDEPE permits. For clients with soil, groundwater, or surface water contamination, GEA provides innovative remedial action designs and work plans followed by construction management services.

These hydrogeology/storage tank management services have been employed on a wide range of projects, including site investigations and remediations, underground storage tank removals, replacements, and remediations; and development of ground-water supplies for municipal and industrial use. In addition, GEA has provided environmental services required for projects involving wastewater disposal, construction dewatering, and ground-water diversion impacts and impacts on potable ground-water supplies.